Sailor Moon F (stands for 'Future') is the arc of Sailor Moon between the future in the 30th Century in Crystal Tokyo and when the anime/manga ended. This is created by AnimeTomboy1998. Since creation on 21st February 2011, it is still in making.

Parts Edit

  • 1 - The Reunion Of The Sailor Senshi
  • 2 - Usagi's Surprise
  • 3 - Universal Trouble
  • 4 - Princess Powers
  • 5 - Stronger Senshi
  • 6 - Defend The Moon
  • 7 - A Special Day

1 - The Reunion Of The Sailor SenshiEdit

It has been three years since Sailor Moon defeated Sailor Galaxia and restored the world back to good. Since, Usagi has never had her Senshi powers come back due to the power of most of her life she used to destroy Galaxia, and, now aged nineteen, has settled with Mamoru in his apartment.


19-year-old Usagi.

She has not heard from any of the others in the three years, and presumed their powers have gone too. Ami is at college and learning medical practice; Rei has become head priestess since her grandfather died; Makoto has become the owner of a Florist/Bakery called Mako's Love Shop; and Minako has turned back to Sailor V, but uses physical attacks and weapons more than her other powers.


19-year-old Ami.

Soon, Usagi saw the 'new' Sailor V, who has also had new updates on her costume, like an orange heart-shape brooch on her red hair ribbon and orange boots instead of high heels. When asked what is her real name, she only said, 'The only name I'm releasing is Venus.'

Usagi realised that Minako must still have some of her Senshi powers, as she has the same load of energy as Sailor Venus. Usagi tried tracking down her friends, but seemed they have all moved out of their old homes.

But when trying to contact Minako, she finally was able to talk to someone. Minako and her started catching up, and she told Usagi her dream of being an idol is almost fulfilled, as she's already recorded a few songs; when she told her that she's enjoying life so far, with school over and getting a 'good enough' grade on her finishing tests.

Soon, Minako arranged for Usagi to meet her at the recording studio, Cho-Cho Chibi Records' Studio, and watch her record a few of her songs.

After, they hung out at the local park and talked about their lives since the Senshi's last battle. Usagi said that her powers have not even come back yet and that she saw Minako's still Sailor V. She explains that as she was the most experienced Senshi, awakened before any others, and wanted to still save the world from dangers; also because her powers have started manifesting back.

Minako said her and Rei are still talking and write letters to each other now and again, but lost all connections with Makoto and Ami; and has a boyfriend, Alto, who she has been with for one year.