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Welcome to the Sailor Moon FanFic WikiEdit

Welcome to the SMFF Wiki. This is the official place where SM fans from all over this world called Earth can make their own story about the schoolgirls-turned-superheroins!

It can include any new heroes or villains, or just add a new arc with existing characters; or even make something new about SeraMyu and PGSM.

Once more... Have fun!!!

Rules For SMFF!Edit

Before you go ahead and make a story, you have to read this short paragraph of rules:

  • Do Not Copy Other's Stories - this will be counted as plagiarism
  • Do Not Try Rewriting Existing Arcs - this is an important one, as you can make your own only
  • Do Not Use Profanity Or Sexual References - if this happens, your story will be deleted
  • Do Not Insult Other's Stories - this will cause the user distress and I hate that
  • Re-Painted Images Are OK - re-paints are allowed on this site
  • Always Put Your Name On Your Story Page - this will make people realise that it's your story
  • Do Not Mock Characters In The Story - this will mean you're not a real fan and the story will be deleted

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